On Solutions

Our solutions and services include switching, POS terminal applications , embedded device applications, management solutions, automated teller machines, card solutions including contact, contactless, Chip cards and magnetic stripe card solutions.

The company’s delivery model provides for the best resources drawn from its vast talent pool in business growth and development thereby stimulating market place product imagination and emergence of cutting edge ideas.
We partner with organization to innovates, deliver unique and new solutions developed to deliver competitive edge to institutions. Our preference is to work together in partnership to understand needs and emergence of specific areas that prompt creation of new technologies.

Our Technologies

Payment Solutions

We strive in delivering cutting edge financial solu- tions to our clients. Not only are our solutions configurable and flexible for most environments, but they are also robust , scalable with an open minded architecture allowing easy integration to third party sytems.

Loyalty System

Zizi loyalty delivers technology that will earn, reward and retain customers. Our solutions are built to help inspire loyalty and stregthen your relation- ships with customers. Many, people think that loyalty is won with low prices or discounts that you give everyone. This might result in sales for you, but it also leads shoppers to love the deal instead of your product.

Ticketing Solutions

ZiZi Ticketing is a POS based system that enables printing of tickets, monitoring and veiwing reports. Dynamic reports allow viewing of specific informa- tion relating to the end user's needs. Customers are able to get tickets either by purchasing, using contactless cards or paying cash at entry points. Manage your ticketing cycle, create custom tickets statuses and decide when you need to upload the processed tickets.

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